We wish we could tell you that we are offering "business as usual" but of course we aren't.  Take a look at our Latest News page to see what we are doing.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey is one of the few Covid-free areas in the world. We have no restrictions: no masks, no limits to the size of groups, no social distancing; pubs and restaurants are open. But there's a price to pay for this freedom: anyone entering the Bailiwick has to quarantine for up to 14 days - and this has devastated our tourist industry.

Consequently, for the immediate time being, our programme of Living History at Castle Cornet has been suspended.

We extend to you all good wishes for your health and safety during this difficult times.

In normal times, each day throughout the visitors' season,

immediately after the Noonday Gun ceremony at Castle Cornet,

we present a story or playlet about Guernsey's history.

We have over 20 titles in our portfolio.

Our performances may be seen on special occasions at other locations around the island and are also presented at Island schools through Guernsey Museum's Access and Learning service.


History in Action

Our email address is:  info@ghiac.org

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