Life under siege in Castle Cornet during the English Civil War 1643-1651. John Plunkett recalls his life as a soldier garrisoned in the Castle.

Full Steam Ahead

In 1573 Lady Margaret comes to Castle Cornet to be a lady

companion to the Governor's wife. She shares her experiences

while working on her blackwork embroidery.

Lady Margaret - Tudor Lady

The story of a most fateful shipwreck.  In 1807 HMS Boreas ​struck the Hanois reef off Guernsey's south-west coast.

The Uncrowned King

Victor Hugo's Toilers

Admiral James Saumarez commands the Royal Navy's Baltic Fleet in 1810 and prevents Napoleon from gaining control of the Baltic.

A tale of competition, heroism and tragedy when the L&SWR's steamship Stella is shipwrecked on a voyage to Guernsey in 1899.


The Ballad of the Boreas

Lady Tar

Neglect or Treason?

Three important prisoners have escaped from besieged Castle Cornet. Is the gaoler guilty of neglect? Or treason?  You hear the evidence presented by the Royalist Governor, and decide.

Guernseyman Fred Gallienne reminisces about the Occupation of

Guernsey by the German forces from 1940 to 1945.

Fire in the Galley

A gentleman from the country parishes has brought an interesting object for Mr Lukis (who opened the first museum in Guernsey) to consider. His relative, Martha, is companion to Mrs Lukis and is more than delighted to help him - and share gossip in the local patois (Norman French) about Victor Hugo and others.

History in Action

In the 1740s Philip Saumarez joined Commodore Anson in pursuit of Spanish treasure. A story of ill-manned ships, disease, determination and, eventually, triumph.

A-Gardening with Lambert

A Quiet War

The extraordinary story of General John Lambert, deputy to Oliver Cromwell, who was imprisoned in Castle Cornet by Charles II from 1661 to 1670.

Wildhawk Warneford

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After an absence of fifty years, Adèle returns to the Castle and relives the memories of the terrible explosion of 1672.

All Hands on Deck

Monsieur Victor Hugo

Letter of Marque

Burnt at the Stake

Naval muster books rarely mention the women who served under captains such as Nelson and Saumarez. The life of a seaman was not all it seemed!

The elegant balls of the Regency period made dancing an integral part of the social scene.  Enjoy the spectacle - and maybe try it for yourself!

1944... in a deportee camp for Channel Islanders, a Variety Show in the Camp Theatre might cheer everyone up ... or would it? !

Martha and Daniel are gossiping about the new immigrant Victor Hugo when Dr Le Marchant arrives and reads to them from the newly-published Toilers of the Sea​.

It is 286AD.  A Roman ship comes to grief in St Peter Port Harbour,

and the locals are on hand to help - and to hinder!

An acquaintance of M. Hugo enlists the help of some of the audience to describe Hugo's new book Toilers of the Sea​.

An enthusiastic Air Cadet tells new recruits to 201 Squadron RAF

the story of Rex Warneford, who won the VC in 1915 as the first man to destroy a Zeppelin.

A Gift for Mr Lukis

Kamp Kapers at Biberach

1672 - Catastrophe at the Castle

1204 and all that!

1832... rich or poor, no-one was safe from this deadly disease. Gravedigger Samuel Boucher relives the three weeks of terror with the help of several ladies of his acquaintance.


Regency Dancing

Recorded in Foxe's Book of Martyrs, this is the tragic tale of three

Guernsey women from the Cauches family who were tried and

convicted of heresy in 1556.

A Letter of Marque gave seamen a legitimate claim on the bounty from captured enemy ships. Pirate Black Jack thinks this is one for him!

After King John loses Normandy, Eustace the renegade monk

tries to seize Guernsey but is thwarted by a brave volunteer

from the audience!

Victory in the Baltic

Amice de Carteret, Bailiff of Guernsey in the 1600s: powerful, ruthless and the scourge of witches.